Thrive - Why are dogs are so Healthy
This page is dedicated to those who would like to learn more about feeding a biological appropriate diet and the toxicity of vaccines.  Our Sussex are raised to Thrive not Just Survive. We are on our 4th generation of  raising our dogs this way and the results are phenomenal.  I have studied with some of the top holistic Veterinarians and their comments are always "it takes 7 generations of not vaccinating our animals before all the toxins of vaccines are removed from their bodies."  

The links on this page will take you to sites that back up this statement. If you are looking to become more educated, so that your animals will have a chance at living a longer and healthier life, you will want to take time to visit the many links that are here. 

As this is a new venture for the web site, this page will continue to be updated as more valuable links to articles become either located or published.  I hope that you will find that their is a healthier way to raise your animals through these links. 

It is time we open our eyes and realize that we need both worlds ( Allopathic and Naturopathic) to live a healthier and longer life.  There must be a balance to be healthy. 

If you look at it as I do that feeding your animals a dry food, is like you only eating health bars daily, you will understand why we do the things we do here at Remedi

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This page was last updated: December 30, 2016