My Airplane Ride October 21, 2007
Watching Tim leave Grove City Airport
Checking for airtraffic,  I have to make sure the coast is clear!
Aren't the trees beautiful!  See the our planes shadow, how cool is that!
Arriving at Greenville airport, we need to fill up before we go home.
Does anyone see me? Hello Greenville!
Everyone loves me here and I am making new friends and checking out their airplanes!
So long Greenville, it's been fun!
Pymatuing Lake and we aren't wearing any life jackets!!!!!
Dad,what are you doing can I help?
Here we are coming home again to Ashtabula County ! It's so good to be home,  I can't wait to see everyone!
We are home!  I love the plane, wanna go again Dad?
This is my ride, how cool is this? I can see myself in the door, nice paint job Dad!
I look pretty good in here, don't you think?
dad's letting me drive home!  After all I am 35 years old in human age. I have the best Dad in the world.!
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Doc's Adventure's 
Come let's go! What's the hold up!  Women, Geez.
I sure hope mom slows down, it's snowing really bad!
Aunt Eileen are you here? Where are you?
Come on let me out! I gotta go!
Look at how much snow there is!
Can you tell how stressed Aunt Beth is with Mom's driving?
Wake up Aunt Eileen, we are almost there !
Wow, it got dark, did I miss something?
The city! Look at the traffic and there's a sign that has my daughter's name on it!
Here we are Hotel Pennsylvania!
This is my friend Albert. Like our new coats?
St. Francis of Assisi, right by our hotel!  Protector of Animals!
This is where we lit the candles !
Look at the Chinese dragon ! Happy New Year!
Look at all the People ! Don't get lost Aunt Eileen!
Grand Central Station is Beautiful!
They have dancers here at Grand Central !
Thanks to Will and Elizabeth and Twiglet and Pickle and Mousse for a great dinner!
They have entertainment in the subway! How Cool!
Aren't we lucky to be here!
It's almost show time - How exciting!
The last time Ashley gets to do this, I think she is sad.
In the big ring ! I am a Star!
I know she is going to miss me,  I just love Ashley!
I am going to really miss Tim and all the good times. He took good care of me.  Thanks Tim and Lisa!
Our sincerest appreciation to Terese Purner- Kime,  Kendall Jones & Barbara Kocab for their Ownership of Doc and their Friendship.  Also to Tim Thomas, PHA and Lisa and Ashley for their care and grooming.
Doc's Trip to the Garden February 2008
Here I am  between planes waiting at the Denver Airport. I like dad's plane a lot better then these big ones.  !
I am HERE !  Hello IDAHO!
Me in all my glory,  Best Veteran and an Award of Merit, mom is so proud of me!
I am exhausted, a very big day at the dog show!
It is so pretty here
We don't have anything like this in Ohio
Isn't this beautiful?
ArrowRock dam...sure have a lot of dams in this part of the country
Desert and Mountains!
The roads look dangerous, especially with mom driving!
Idhao city ! What a tourist trap
Grampa, mom and me at Idaho City
A very old beautiful church at Idaho City
Me and Grandpa after walking around Idaho City
A dry river bed, very far down!
Look at the lake! and mom won't let me swim or run!
Grandpa with Sand dunes behind him !
This is the backside of a dam
Another dam, and there was water falls in all directions!
Grandpa being silly, we really are having a good time!
Waterfall and dam
Waterfalls everywhere in this place!
I am ready to go home, how many more places can we go see?
A new friend in Idaho
Lizard Butte, how neat is this, you can see it for miles. No mom don't drive up tpt the top!
Just BeautifulMe and Grampa and some famous Landing
Me and gramdpa,  it's really cold here!
It's a bit smokey as they are doing controlled burns in the mountains...
Mom - NO don't drive here, I want to go home!
This is a cemetary that was so neat, really old tombstones
More pretty scenery
Look at the way htey satck hay! What huge pales!
My Trip to IdaHo !  October 2010