Wild Cherry Remedi Dormouse - Bill's sister, finished  July 2010
Bill winning his 4th 3 pt. major and sister Dormouse winning her First Major.
Bill  3 point Major
Bill 2nd 3 point Major
Sugar Bear
Lily and new owners Lori and  Jeff
THree Musketeers
Lily and Dormouse
Dormouse, Eileen and Lily
The Boys  We are 10 Weeks Old
The Girls Purple Left - Yellow RigthMr. Green
Miss Yellow
Miss Yellow
Miss Purple
Miss Purple
Mr Blue
Mr Blue
Mr. Green
Mr. Green
Desi playing with pups
Desi teaching pups to hunt
Playing at Grandma's with cousin Moni
Miss ellow 111 days
Miss Yellow 11 days
Mis Purple 11 days
miss Purple 11 days
Mr. Green 11 days
Mr. Green 11 days
Mr. Blue 11 days
Mr. Blue 11 days
11 days all of us
All of us day 1
Good butt shot day 1
I Am miserable !
Mom Nursing her new family
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Alice in Wonderland 
Ch Taliesin Steppin Stone of Comp.      X     GCh. Remedi Wild Cherry Hearts Desire
Born: 24 Nov. 2008
Breeder: Eileen Heiple, Co-Breeder:  Debbi